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my business does not need a mobile website...

  •  ...we already have a website!
  •  ...our regular site is self-adapting to mobiles!
  •  ...our clients do not use mobile phones!
  •  ...we prefer applications!
  •'s too expensive!
  •  ...this is a trend that will pass!

Did you realize that...

  • your visitors are moving more and more when navigating on the Internet;
  • the accessibility to your site through a mobile device may be binding or even completely absent;
  • if your clients come to your site from a search engine and find that the site is not optimized for their mobile device, they will simply leave the site.

61% of website visitors will not return to a site that is not optimized for their mobile device.

Google Mobile Ads Blog

In Canada during 2012, there were more than 10 million smartphone users (a rate of about 50%).

eMarketer (03/2012)

Not only having a mobile phone...

  • 30% of restaurant-related searches are made from a mobile device;
  • a third of searches made from a mobile device are for finding a local business;
  • these mobile searches have a conversion rate of calling the company at a 61% rate.

71% of smartphones users who view an advertisement obtain more information using their mobile device.

mobi Thinking (06/2012)

An app is expensive and restrictive

  • producing an application for iOS, Android and Windows will cost you thousands of dollars;
  • their reach is limited to those who can install them on their phone and even further, those who are willing to do so;
  • you do not benefit from search engine traffic, so all in all, you lose a lot of new potential clients;
  • updates of an application are costly and only effective if the user updates them.

About 80%
of users prefer a mobile website to an application for finding information on a production/service during their process of

mobi Thinking (06/2012)

This is what costs you too much :

  • losing a client because they go to a rival site to find the same information more easily;
  • being penalized by search engines for not offering a specific mobile content;
  • losing shares on social media (such as likes or re-tweets) that the mobile site could help generate;
  • e-commerce has an estimated projection of $670 billion in 2015.

More than 52%
of consumers use their mobile device to help their purchasing decisions.

Pew Internet (01/2012)

Responsive web design is not perfect...

  • your mobile clients are in a mode of active consumption, eager and looking for specific information;
  • they do not need access to all data & information on your regular site;
  • you have an incredible opportunity of quickly converting and offering them specific information that they are searching for;
  • and finally, responsive web designs are way too restrictive to let you adapt your content properly.

A mobile website needs its specific functions, simplified texts and focus, and larger interaction elements. In order to do this, it needs to be separated from the regular version.

Jakob Nielsen (04/2012)

20% of internet users use their mobile phones for browsing, while it is estimated that the number will rise to 50% by 2015.

Morgan Stanley

Canadians spent on average more than 2.8 hours per day on their mobile phones.

Ipsos Reid (08/2012)

Not only is it not a trend...

  • but the future of the web is now through mobile devices;
  • your company cannot afford to miss out on this huge market!

So, take an instant to contact us and see how instamobile can help you.

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for businesses

Your potential clients are everywhere. More and more, they are searching for solutions to their needs via their mobile device.

Your company can be an apparatus in their search results, but if your site is not optimized for their device, you risk the client leaving your site to find results elsewhere.

These mobile searches are geographically located, giving the potential clients good quality.

Can you really afford this?

  • reach your customers while they are in their purchasing process
  • capture their attention with information that makes a difference
  • be accessible on mobile devices at a low cost
  • reduce the bouncing rate of visitors coming from search engines
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for resellers

The conception of a mobile website for your clients is unavoidable. With such a vast industry, one needs to ensure a quality product...

...but there are more than a dozen mobile web browsers, each with multiple active versions and many restrictions imposed by the manufacturers.

Now, you have neither the time nor the means to carry out unit tests to ensure the quality of mobile sites that you make.

Our central architecture becomes your R&D department allowing you to guarentee your clients an optimised and accessible website.

  • become a white-label reseller of the instamobile platform
  • quickly deploy sites for your clients, or we can do so for you
  • generate important beneficial margins
  • rely on the equivalent of an R&D department working for you
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for medias

Your audience is so saturated in advertising that finding a different way to capture their attention becomes essential as a means to communicate.

instamobile can help your creative advertising and deploy a complete 360° strategy.

Via a mobile micro-site, your readers, listeners, viewers and others will have access to additional information (texts, photo galleries, maps, virtual tours, videos, etc.) at the exact moment they see or hear your advertisement. Not in an hour or in a week but at the current: Right this Instant!

You can also measure the impact and conversions (via Google Analytics), bringing this strategy to traditional media across the measurable and quantifiable, while providing significant added value for your advertisers.

  • offer more value to your listeners and advertisers
  • reach a new audience, often inattentive to traditional approaches
  • deploy a strategy quickly
  • differentiate yourself from the competition while generating significant additionnal revenues
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